About neontetra

NEONTETRA, Ltd., was established in 1993 by Visualist Macoto Tezka as his personal business office.
The company is devoted to supporting artists and creating visual works as movies, video clips, CM advertisements include planning and production for a broad range of event types and Software.


Welcome to NEONTETRA.
Our office is opened as a ‘visualistic pathway’ leading to ‘creative salon’ where beautiful shiny people and objects gather.
Please feel free to drop in, and just relax for a while.
It is always a pleasure to meet new people and extend our network further.
Thank you for visiting our website.

The company was named after fish called ‘neontetra’.
It is popular aquarium fish native to Amazon. As the name suggests, the neontetra is decorated with iridescent blue and red stripe. It is little but considered a relatively tough fish.

Artist Profile

Macoto Tezka
手塚眞 ヴィジュアリスト
Macoto Tezka was born in Tokyo in 1961. He started making films on 8mm at high school. His works were recognized by Nagisa Oshima and the other admirable film directors. While still in university, he made numerous films, television and video appearances.
Macoto Tezka has developed his career as a producer and director, digital software and events and successfully continued his film career drawing attention through his innovative style of works. In 1999, he has gained an international reputation for his film called ‘Hakuchi: the innocent’ which played at The Venice International Film Festival.

Yuki Yano
やの雪 テルミニスト
Yuki Yano has an extensive background in classic ballet, modern dance and performing art. She takes part in several musical projects as a solo musician and in collaboration with Chuji Akagi.
Yuki Yano is considered as one of the few professional Thereminist in the world. In 2001, she released her original theremin CD called ‘eye moon’.

Chuji Akagi
赤城忠治 ミュージシャン、コンポーザー、シンガー
Chuji Akagi is a successful artist from Japan.
His outstanding original style of pop music is well appreciated by fans.
After playing in a series of bands like ‘FILMS’ and ‘Clever Rabbit’, he decided to take up new carrier and exploited his own original filed of theremin music.

Reiko Okano
岡野玲子 漫画家
Reiko Okano is a Japanese manga artist.
Reiko Okano started her career as a manga artist of ‘Shojyo Comic’ and won the Shogakukan Manga Award for ‘Fancy Dance’ which features a young monk.
She was highly acclaimed for her manga ‘Onmyouji which based on Baku Yumemakura’s novel. It became a social phenomenon in Japan and received the‘Osamu Tezuka Awards’.
Additionally, Reiko Okano is well versed in Japanese traditional music and dance including ‘Gagaku’ and her unique sense of beauty has been reputed world widely. She produced CD albums (‘Brian Eno’, ‘Rei-gaku-sha’) which reflects the image of her manga world.

Actress / Model profile

Hiromi Eguchi
江口ヒロミ 女優
A multi-talented actress with a diverse background in feature length film, TV-drama and reader's theatre.
Recently also started her career with action films and human-interest dramas and successfully expanding her range of performance skill.
*Neontetra's management actress since 2013

Yuri Serikawa
芹川有里 女優
An up and coming, androgynous looks female model.
Participated as a Heroine of internet-drama called “Sumaho Kamen”.